Money management is about more than dollars and cents.

If achieving financial security were only a matter of savings, it would be easy and everyone would do it. Of course, there's more to it than that.

That's why at Koele Godfrey Investment Group, we focus not just on dollars and cents but also on sense — financial sense, that is. While our mission is to help our clients find financial freedom, we believe that education is a key strategy for pursuing it.

And we don't limit our educational resources to customers. Each year, Koele Godfrey offers investment seminars created just for women in our community. And you can hear Carey Koele and Jack Godfrey on the radio with “Money Matters” on WHTC 1450 AM and 99.7 FM each Saturday, offering professional advice on topics as varied as retirement planning, estate and college planning, and specialized advice for women.

We are dedicated to helping clients with more than just financial planning. Creating a financial roadmap for your lifetime is the start of an incredible journey. From wealth creation and strategies for income, to planning how to live your life after retirement and how to pass wealth to future generations, Koele Godfrey's financial consultants will help you gain the skills you need, and the advice you want, to identify your unique goals and create a customized plan to work toward them.

After all, while the numbers on your bank statement matter, they won't matter enough if you haven't got the right plan in place. Customized investments and financial planning are a start. The next steps include family meetings, tax planning, incorporating Social Security income, charitable giving, and planning for your lifetime.

Tune in to Koele Godfrey and find out how our team of professionals can help you start down the path of financial independence — for life.

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