Family Wealth Planning

After a lifetime of smart investment and careful life choices, it's natural to think about what will happen to your resources when you're no longer around to enjoy them. Before that time comes, pause to ask yourself: Does your family understand your approach to wealth management?

At Koele Godfrey, we know that family wealth planning means more than simply transferring an inheritance to the next generation. Your legacy also involves making sure your heirs know how to use those resources wisely after you're gone.

That's why we emphasize “planning” when we talk about family wealth. It means preparing your family --  and their families -- to manage and retain the inheritance for future generations to come.

Koele Godfrey's financial consultants can guide you and your family members through a series of meetings to keep your plans on track. We'll start by reviewing your current situation and making sure the older generation retains the secure future they've earned. After that, you and your offspring can review your plans for the younger generation, so they retain a secure future for those who come after them.

We'll help you ask, and answer, questions like these:

  • How much do you hope to leave to your heirs?
  • Have you considered all the factors that might affect that decision?
  • What more can you do to minimize the tax burden your heirs will face?
  • Do your heirs understand your intentions, so that all family members can support your intergenerational planning?

After all, you've done the work to build your family's financial security. Now you need a strategy to ensure your plans work as you intend them to. That's where Koele Godfrey can help.

You may be part of a traditional family or a blended one. You may own a business that you intend to sell or pass on. No matter what your family circumstances, we have the tools to help you take care of everyone and everything. We'll even make sure your charitable giving strategies are secure.

Building and preserving intergenerational wealth takes time, energy and experience. Koele Godfrey can help you build a legacy that will last a lifetime -- and beyond.