Smart Strategies for Women

No one plans to be alone. But every day, women find themselves facing their futures unexpectedly alone. Are you equipped to make the many financial decisions you will need to make?

Someday you may face a spouse’s serious illness or death or a divorce. Or perhaps, following one of those events, you may decide to remarry or reenter the workforce. No matter what lies ahead, the more you know about your financial status and options, the better your decision-making will be.

That’s why the financial professionals at Koele Godfrey make a point of reaching out to local women to start planning now, so that when the need arises you won’t be caught short.

Since 2005, Carey and Jack and their team have held a special Women’s Workshop each year designed to teach women when and how to invest, among other things. You will take away at least one good idea that will benefit you, and the advice is free. You have nothing to lose but the chance to educate yourself.

Women & Finance

Regardless of your role, up to 90% of women will have sole responsibility for their finances at some point in their lives, thus it's important to understand when to invest, how to invest and which investments to choose.

Every spring for the past 10 years, we have a Women's Workshop in which Jack and Carey review the strategies your need to take charge of your financial future.